D.A.N.C.E – Deluxe Arts ‘N’ Culture Event

Tuesday 05.04.2022



8th MYTH


Welcome to the Deluxe Arts ‘N’ Culture Event!

After a long week full of inspiring art, meeting talented people, and putting yourself out there, we welcome you to embrace the fun side and D.A.N.C.E!
You’ll be greeted with great performances from our own talented artists, VJ set, a chill zone close to the bar with Media and Arts students’ video works.

The event is free, there is a 3€ cloak room fee.

Your TUNI email has your full name, so make sure to use it to save your name on the list!

See you there!

Door opens 19:00

The Hops: 20:00 – 20:30
Ükku: 21.00 – 21:30
8th Myth & Invictus: 22:00
Invistus (DJ Set): 23:00

The Hops

The Hops is a crunchy trio that makes you jiggle and shake. Groove with Samuli on the drums, sway with Artturi on the guitar and bass and bark with Däni on lead. What more do you need, on a Tuesday eve and in times like these.

The Hops


Ükku is a space traveller. She appears only through the sounds evoking strong emotion. Through sounds Ükku travels across many different galaxies, sees many different life forms and experiences many feelings that have no words. Ükku presents and shows those feelings to anyone who’s here to listen.


8th MYTH

Heralded from the undergrounds of the mile high city the 8th Myth is a poet, producer and rap extraordinaire spawned in the cesspools of hip hop darkest crevices the Myth graces the microphone as a torrent storm or a gentle breeze.
The 8th Myth provides the finest emcee experiences not seem anywhere else.

8th Myth


Invictus is a Tampere based producer, DJ and event organizer. His passion is mostly in underground dance music genres like Jungle, Drum and Bass, Grime and Dubstep.
As a producer he has a couple of single releases under his belt on the Bristol based Kiwis and Coconuts label as well as the local Breaking Point label and collective.
Having started his DJ gigs a year ago he’s been busy performing with other upcoming and established artists as well as running and being part of the Betonimylly events and collective since last Summer.



Video Arts:

Alien (2021)
Consumed Birth (2021)
Fragments (2021)

Choking On Beauty (2021)

Spacing Out (2022)

Sarah’s Cycle (2022)

Us and Ours (2021)


Kauppakatu 10, 33210 Tampere

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