REALM: iWeek 2022 Virtual Exhibition

Realm is an exhibition compiling the works created during the 2021-2022 academic year by fine art and interactive media students currently studying at Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK).

The exhibition has selected works also shown in Connections (4-8.4.22) and Ephemeral (30.3.22 – 21.4.22) exhibitions which are in-person iWeek 2022 exhibitions, as well as entirely new works from more of our students.

The students use experimental technology, mixed media materials such as dirt & pills, animation, photography, painting & drawing works, illustrated webcomics, moving image works, and much more.

The exhibition has works surrounding themes like personal somatic experiences, nature, emotions, nightmares, memories, and then learning experiments. All of which describe their own realm or plane of how we exist in this world, whether it be a more abstract or realistic representation of how we experience life.

The artists within this exhibition include Duc Anh Cong, Daria Crăciun, Victoria Fofanova, Veera Jokitalo, Janika Keskitalo, Elina Fiona Kinnunen, Emily Laakso, Nadine Labib, Mikko Lappi, Mikko Louhimaa, Teuta Pashnjari, Teini Piibemaa, Gabriella Presnal, Anu Sabu, Sami Sakari, Eevi Siniketo, Chau Anh Tran, and Silja Tusa.

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