EPHEMERAL Exhibition


Ephemeral is an exhibition produced by primarily fine art students currently studying at TAMK. Ephemerality is the concept of things being transitory and existing only briefly. It is also used to describe biological and even geographical occurrences, for example, streams are ephemeral as even though they are perceived to be continuous, they are discontinuous as they alter between degradation to aggradation of their surroundings.  

The artists explore ephemerality through biological processes, like a burning fire, or photosynthesis, as well as more somatic or individual experiences with their bodies & minds. Ephemerality can be found in the moments we feel isolated, anxious, in control, fleeting thoughts, or solace in our lives. We find it in the transitory moments when we create, dance, or simply exist in our bodies. We invite you to explore Ephemeral and encourage you to reflect on the ephemerality within your own life.

The artists within this exhibition include Daria Craçiun, Victoria Fofanova, Veera Jokitalo, Emily Laakso, Nadine Labib, Mikko Louhimaa, and Sami Sakari

Café Raina Kehräsaari

Address: Kehräsaari B, 33200 Tampere

Phone: 050 9123761

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