by Emily Laakso


04.04.22 – 08.04.22


Rooms 20061, 20064, Media Screen (second floor), & Kuva Studio

Connections is an exhibition produced by Fine Art & Interactive Media students currently studying at TAMK as a part of the university’s annual event, Eye on TAMK or otherwise known as iWeek wherein the school invites international partners to see what TAMK students have produced each year.

The students use experimental technology, as well as experimental mediums with paper-based and painting materials, such as using dirt, pills, and much more. The themes presented within this pop-up exhibition surround our connections with personal somatic experiences, memories, and nature. For example, having a chronic illness, social isolation during COVID-19, and finding serenity and oddness within our surroundings.

The artists within this exhibition include; Emily Laakso, Mikko Lappi, Teini Piibemaa, Gabriella Presnal, Silja Tusa, & various students from the Moving Image Minor screening (Room 20061) as well as the Painting and Drawing Minor (Kuva Studio).

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