iWeek 2022 Participant

Jutta Brinkmann

Hochschule Hannover: Faculty for electrical engineering and information technology


Jutta Brinkmann is a professor for visual communication in technical communication at the Hanover University of Applied Sciences. In addition to design theory, the examination of visual communication and the design of interactive systems play a particularly important role in her teaching. She studied Media Economics & Journalism (B.A.) and Communication Arts
(M.A.). She gained extensive experience as a UX/UI designer or user requirements engineer for interactive applications in the field of custom software development.


Communication Arts at university of arts in Brunswick (M.A.) Media Economy and Journalism in Wilhelmshaven (B.A.)

Research and development projects
Signs and Code – Significance and potential of generative approaches for typographic practice (Since 2020).
Digital illustrated book with Latin inscriptions from Rome related to the typometrics of characters in an artistic and scientific discourse (Since 2013).


Technical information design and technical writing

Hochschule Hannover
Faculty for electrical engineering and information technology

Since 2020:
Professor for visual communication

Since 2020:
Manager of a professorship for human-computer-interactions


Typography and user experience and user interface design

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