INTAC – International Art Collaborations

Thursday 07.04.2022 15:00
Exhibition Opening and Seminar

Art and Transformations 2022 seminar and Virtual Exhibition tour

Dr. Juha Suonpää (Fin) as moderator. Panelists consists of professors Meera Margaret Singh (Can) and Agustina Bergmann (Arg). Student representatives Yu-Hsuan Yao (Fin), Aranza Ramirez Ortega (Mex) and Emma Martin (Can).
INTAC: Transformations 2022 Virtual Exhibition

Education today is faced with the task of developing socially and culturally sustainable models in an era where the challenges are global in scope. For arts and culture facilitators questions arise around how to use online spaces to provide engaging international experiences for students and colleagues. How does one share and preserve distinctive cultures and creative contexts when connecting online?  

Over the past 10 years students and professors at universities around the world have engaged in meaningful international experiences under the name International Art Collaborations (INTAC) following an annual cycle of 8-month engagements. The current 2022 iteration of INTAC brings together 6 universities located in Finland, Mexico, Canada, Germany, South Korea and China.  

The INTAC network provides a framework that empowers students to connect with one another, and through online communication, work together to collaborate on dynamic art projects. We employ a philosophy of open team-based exchange of ideas and materials through workspace platforms and social media combined with facilitated in-person meetings at each location. In this environment students develop projects under the guidance of their professors at each school, and are encouraged to become leaders in building new relationships through the sharing of ideas and concepts that cross language and cultural differences.

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INTAC 2022 Digital Exhibition
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