These specific pieces were part of this year’s painting course, and while not intended to be a series of works, they simply happened to become one. All the works were made with mostly oil, though acrylics were used in some of them, with some additionally using mediums and glazing techniques. The paintings range in size from small (A4) to large (larger than A3).  

As a subject, I was intrigued by bones and skeletons, which are both fun and challenging to paint, with their so harsh yet delicate geometric shapes and forms. This project started off with one painting and ended up accidentally becoming a series of paintings pertaining to bodies, body parts, flesh, and bone.

I’ve always been personally intrigued by viscera and gore, but I simply have little interest in splatter and wanton violence. I wish to explore more intimate themes through my work, like our own mortality, our disgust, and fear of both death and bodies in all their messy glory… 

But also the appreciation we show for dead people. I’m personally deeply intrigued by impersonal, non-violent gore, how bodies and their insides are constantly part of us, and how they can be handled separately from the bodies they’re normally a part of.

Iida Kontkanen

Iida Kontkanen, born in 1997, is a mixed media artist originally from Helsinki. She moved to Tampere for her studies in Interactive Media and currently works as a murder mystery host and actor on the side. She hopes to graduate in a year or so, and if not as a fine artist, get some sort of art-related job in the gaming industry. 

Iida’s interest in art has been strong since childhood when she at the age of four started studies at an art school meant for children. Much to the displeasure of some around her, she made her hobby into an education, having studied in Helsinki Upper Secondary of Fine Arts and now at TAMK’s Interactive Media study path. She has been commissioned art for customers, including TAMK and Tracon Oy, and has worked as an art teacher at HEO on two courses on game art. She hopes to make her art, in whatever form it may be, into her career.  

Iida is especially interested in painting subjects of flesh, bone, and death. She enjoys painting bodies and body parts, though while rare, she also paints sceneries and nature paintings on the side. She especially loves the mediums of gouache and oil, though she also, as a media student, is proficient in the use of software like Adobe Photoshop and Blender. She loves mixing different mediums together and experiments to learn the ins and outs of her tools. 

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