Hear the Music 2022

Discussion hosted by Harri Karvinen

Tuesday 21st from 14:30 to 16:30

A panel discussion attendees

  1. Mat Mcnerney, Hexvessel
  2. Noora Louhimo, Battle Beast
  3. Bente Hout, Pop Fabryk, Netherlands
  4. Anna Wildrot, Sørveiv Festival, Norway
  5. Professor Frank Duchene, PXL university, Belgium
  6. Professor Dr. Keith Still, UK.

In this panel discussion we are focusing on music industry and corona epidemic. There is lots of cancelled tours and festivals around Europe at the moment. What will happened if this epidemic will continue the rest of the year and perhaps also in year 2021. There will be lots of variable factors in live-music business, music industry, fans, consumers behaving, artist earnings and maybe also in the content of music. What kind of music we will hear in year 2022?

The Guests:

Mat McNerney is a British singer, guitarist, songwriter, and producer, based in Tampere, Finland. He has been featured in 27 commercial, international record releases, including 11 full-length albums, which he has co-written and co-produced, over the last decade. Over those 10 years, McNerney has been signed to various record labels, including Sony’s Columbia, Century Media, Peaceville and Spinefarm. McNerney’s work in music has been nominated for several awards including a Norwegian Grammy Award, or “Spellemannprisen” nomination, two Emma Gala award nominations, and nominations for multiple Prog Magazine awards. Beastmilk won the “Best Debut” Metal Hammer award for their album Climax in 2014. McNerney has recently performed with the band Me & That Man, with the album reaching #24 in the German charts and #4 in the Polish charts.
McNerney works for Svart Records as their Head of International PR. He also works freelance as a PR/Marketing agent for several international record labels including Nuclear Blast Records and Century Media. McNerney currently studies Music Production at TAMK.

Noora Louhimo is a singer from Tampere, Finland – mostly known as the lead vocalist of a Finnish Heavy Metal band Battle Beast. She has been working in the music industry since 2007 and with Battle Beast since 2012. 

Since she was four years old she knew she wanted to become an entertainer and has pursued it ever since. She used to study classical and Pop/ Jazz singing and has always been practicing in different genres of music. 

Battle Beast has toured around the world for hundreds of shows and they have won two Metal of the Year in the Emma Awards (the Finnish Music Awards) in 2018 and 2020, as well as, Metal Hammer Germany’s Up & Coming award in 2016. 

Their music is influenced by 80’s sounds with a modern twist, as they mix different genres like pop, rock and heavy metal together. Battle Beast has released five albums for now and Noora has been involved with the latest four of them. 

Noora’s latest accomplishment as a singer was in 2018 when she was part of the Finnish TV show ”Suomilove” as a singer of the house band (Season 5) and Battle Beast took also part in the show as a guest artist. 

Currently, Noora is writing material for her 1st solo album as well as for the 6th Battle beast album. Noora has her own vocal coaching concept ”Sing Like a Beast” and is working on it with her Brother Pekka V. Louhimo.

Bente Hout is working as a freelance project leader and press coordinator in Popfabryk, Leeuwarden, Netherlands. Popfabryk is the production house for pop culture in Friesland. De Popfabryk develops, produces and distributes new expressions of pop culture. Not a factory for standard products, but for innovative and creative concepts. Popfabryk has its focus on pop culture and always looks for the crossover with other art disciplines.

Anna Willrodt is CEO and head of festival for Sørveiv in Kristiansand, Norway, a showcase-festival presenting up-and-coming artists from Norway and the rest of Scandinavia. She also works as a project manager at Sørf, the music business development center for South Norway, and teaches in the master-program of Music Management at the University of Agder. Anna took her first steps in the music industry as a 15-year old when she and a couple of friends started organizing punk-gigs in their village in rural Germany. Since then she has worked with almost any genre spanning from punk to classical music. 

Frank Duchêne was a founding member of Belgian pop band Hooverphonic and has produced a variety of local and international artists.  His work, either as a mixer or producer, has been featured in films including Bernardo Bertolucci’s Stealing Beauty, I Know What You Did Last Summer, Heights and TV shows CSI Las Vegas, Baywatch & La Femme Nikita and he composed music for Oscar Academy Award winner Michael Dudok de Wit’s animated short movie The Interview

He has recorded for Les Rita Mitsouko, Joe Zawinul, Soulwax & Tracy Bonham, and assisted on sessions for Hector Zazou, Michael Nyman, dEUS as well as several John Elliot Gardiner projects for Philips Classics. 

He has first-hand experience in working with individual artists, bands and large (classical) ensembles.  Frank was nominated for a ZAMU award for Best Producer (2000). 

He has been teaching Music Production Analysis at PXL-Music since 2009 and oversees the internationalization of the dept. since 2013.  He is a member of SABAM (Belgian Society of Authors, Composers & Publishers), PlayRight as well as the Audio Engineering Society, for which he is the Belgian sections Vice-Chair.

Keith specializes in teaching the principles and applications of Crowd Safety and Crowd Risk Analysis. He developed an MSc in Crowd Safety and Risk Analysis at Manchester Metropolitan University.

He has over 30 years of experience consulting on major events around the world (UK, USA, Australia, Saudi Arabia). His projects include the crowd management planning for the Royal Wedding (UK 2011), Manchester United and Manchester City Victory Parades (UK 2011), Westfield (UK 2012), Olympic Park (Sydney 2000 and UK 2012), Al-Haram (Saudi Arabia 2000 – 2012), Al Jamarat (Saudi Arabia 2000 – 2005), Texas, USA (SXSW/Austin 6th Street 2010 – 2013), Kendal Torchlight Carnival, UK (2013), Manchester City (Etihad Stadium) development (2014), Commonwealth Games (2014).

He has developed several leading crowd simulations systems (including the original Legion crowd modeling software, the Paramics UAF interface, Myriad, Shepard, Dwell modeling, Tawaf and the 3D RTDS tools) and written a book “Introduction to Crowd Science” which covers the last 30 years of teaching the principles and applications of the crowd sciences, modeling, monitoring and managing crowds inbuilt and complex spaces.

He is a member of the Expert Witness Institute and specializes in crowd safety, crowd risk analysis and personal injury at events and has worked on cases in the UK, Europe, and the USA. 

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