Got Plants?

This video was made during the course Cinematic Artworks in 2020, the soundtrack Turtlesit is from a local, Tampere, musician name KeFF. The idea comes from house plants, the thought of purchasing plants is somehow troubling my head. Plants are good for the home environment especially when it comes to indoor air. After purchasing the plant, one may start considering buying the right equipment to maintain the plant’s livings. Even though there are other alternative ways to do so, as consumers, one may choose the easiest of the shelf solution, hence, more plastic products. The film is focusing on the products that come with the house plants despite the goodwill and healthy intentions. It is not about blaming the consumers, it is to remind consumers what is the price we are really paying for this piece of nature at home.

Yu-Hsuan Harjula

Yu Hsuan Harjula is a media/art student in TAMK. She comes from Taiwan and now resides in Tampere, Finland. She became interested in photography as a kid, however, the environment was not supportive. After moving to Finland, her ex-spouse supported her in pursuing the possibilities to study in art and photography.

Yu-Hsuan is most interested in photography. At the moment Yu-Hsuan is exploring moving images in the fine art field.

Diego Zalovich

Diego Zalovich is an artist and designer based in Montevideo, Uruguay. He has worked for the last years designing and developing interactive experiences and video work that explore the expressive possibilities and limits of each medium.

Having first worked in the field of interactive design, he later transitioned towards a more experimental approach after taking part in a number of art courses and seminars on contemporary art. He has participated in a number of exhibitions in Uruguay and online in The Wrong Biennale.

Diego Zalovich art

Soyoung Chung

Soyoung was born in 1996, South Korea and is specialized in painting, installation, and performance work. The objective of the artwork is to invite the audience to interact and engage with different perspectives. 

“For me, art is a tool that allows me to share my stories and to get one step closer to the audience. I have been exploring the relationship between artist, artwork and viewers, and the process of interacting with the audience through the artwork.”

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