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People often suggest one to stay positive, however, it is just a warm encouragement from one to another because we all know deep down “stay positive” is just a catchy, witty slogan we use to hide the naked true feelings. 
This work was inspired by Francesca Woodman’s life story. Woodman’s tragedy reminds me of the part of my past I refuse to embrace from time to time. Through this work, I want to release some of the pain by making a piece out of my personal experience. Sometimes we get stuck in the swamp of sorrow and unable to escape from it. Solutions are always there, waiting for us to explore, still, it is hard for one to imagine while being trapped by despair.

Yu Hsuan Yao

Yu-Hsuan Yao is a media/art student in TAMK. She comes from Taiwan and now resides in Tampere, Finland. She became interested in photography as a kid, however, the environment was not supportive. After moving to Finland, her ex-spouse supported her in pursuing the possibilities to study in art and photography.

Yu-Hsuan is most interested in photography. At the moment Yu-Hsuan is exploring moving images in the fine art field.

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