We have a vast array of exhibitions by our media and art students.


This exhibition features the works of our photography students. Many of the works were created during the fall as part of the Photography minor.


View the amazing paintings and drawings by our fine arts students.

Digital Art

Digital art is a ‘new’ medium in the art field, and we love seeing how vast and immersive digital art has expanded.

Featured partner exhibitions:

Degree Show

Atomic Jungle brings together the virtual Degree Show works by TAMK’s 4th year fine art students.


A group show about big deals, important occurrences, beautifully laid out messy emotions.

Let art comfort you, distract you, offer you a window into twelve precious significances.


International Art Collaboration is an educational framework that empowers students to connect with one another, and through online communication, work together to collaborate on dynamic art projects. 

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