The Triple Goddess

The Triple Goddess is an oil painting made in a glazing technique. Each layer is an individual. The background is dark blue as the night sky itself. The artist’s goal is the representation of the divine feminine concept in neopaganism, which symbolizes the three phases of the Moon as the three levels of feminine state of being: the Maiden (waxing Moon), the Mother (full Moon), the Crone (waning Moon). This work also contains a feministic aspect.

Elina Kinnunen

Elina Kinnunen is a visionary artist who has a deep interest in nature, witchcraft, parallel universes, sacral geometry, and outer space. She creates fairylike artworks in a psychedelic style using a fluorescent medium that glows in the dark. Her visionary style works were exhibited at a psytrance party. She also does oil paintings. Elina aims to expand the mind and to reunite humans with nature.

Born in USSR, Kazakhstan, the young artist spent her childhood on the beach of the Caspian sea, in the deserts of the South, surrounded by the intense Sun, beautiful seascapes, a mesmerizing emerald sky and pink flamingos flying above the horizon. Since a very young age, Elina began to experiment with drawing and painting driven by her passion for art and inspired by the exotic local nature and supported by her mother, who is an artist as well.

She has been traveling a lot throughout her life, visiting 21 countries and living in 5 different countries. It made a great impact on her philosophy and visual thinking. Nowadays Elina is working mostly at her studio in Tampere, and she also does Plein air paintings outdoors in the woods, because the Nordic nature is the main source of aesthetic and spiritual inspiration for her. 

Elina Kinnunen Art

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