Dream Sequences

The series of my paintings titled Dream Sequences is inspired by the current situation we are living in. I chose to work with oil colors because it is the medium that suits me the best. I decided that my paintings need something else other than oil paint, so I used a mixed media technique with cloth material and plastic. The plastic in the paintings is symbolic and it represents two things. 

By using this medium firstly I wanted to point out the changes in our climate, the harm we are doing to the earth by polluting it in different ways but also the struggles that we face within ourselves.

The Power of Letting Go

In this symbolic painting, I depicted a dream that I slightly remember seeing recently. It is about time; the past, the present and the future ahead of us. 

As humans, we tend to get stuck somewhere in between these time tenses and speaking for myself, it is quite confusing. I guess the most common situation is to turn your head back in the past and recall a few memories, in a few places with certain people. By doing this often, we miss out on the present moment and at some point, we feel empty and melancholic.

I have deeply understood and learned that the best thing to do is to let go, take deep breaths and be aware of the now. The plastic medium symbolizes memories of the past that are chasing us, begging us to turn back and relive those moments.

Escaping reality by living in my head

My main idea in this painting was to blend reality and dreams by using two different stories as one. There is the everyday reality happening in front of me but my mind tends to wander and gets lost in the clouds, without being able to see the truth anymore.

But what is reality and how do we know what is real? All these questions come up whilst the mind is elsewhere and it really feels like time has stopped. 

On the other hand, I regard worldliness as a common quality that is viewed differently by every person, therefore there are always multiple sides of reality and dreams. 

Levitation above the ocean

This painting depicts my most common vision. Since I am deeply connected with the ocean, in unpleasant situations or when I want to feel relaxed, I visualize myself levitating above it; alone, carefree and safe. 

In this artwork, I depicted myself above taking care of the water, I am removing the plastic from the water. In reality, I have become more consciously aware of how climate change and water pollution has affected our lives and how we can all prevent it and reduce the risks.

With this artwork, I want to express my affection for nature and point out the fact that it needs to be taken care of and respected by us.

Teuta Pashnjari

Teuta Pashnjari is a Fine Art artist currently doing her Bachelor’s Degree of Media and Arts at TAMK. Born in Albania, she moved to Corfu island at a very young age. Her new home offered her connections with people from all over the world and a new way of seeing that shaped her artistic personality and imagination. 

For the past three years, Teuta has been traveling back and forth between Albania, Corfu, and Berlin, until she decided to move to Tampere, Finland. Since then, she has taken part in a few group exhibitions and “Bits of Us” is the most recent one. Moreover, she was the main organizer of “Year One,” a two-day art event that took place in Mediapolis.

As an artist, she has brought her focus mainly on the human form and its surroundings but lately, she has been interested in drawing animals and experimenting with different mixed media techniques. Teuta is mainly a painter but she enjoys using photography and video mediums as ways of expression as well. 

Teuta Pashnjari Art

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