Des(Re)pair is a series of digital photographs. All photographs are taken in places that are very important and meaningful to the artist.

The editing represents what is happening: we are in a climate crisis, but blind, refusing to act, or perhaps petrified by fear.

We are only scraping the surface to save our home planet.

The (nine) photos in the series Des(Re)pair are taken in places where nature has a strong presence; in nature preservation areas, while on cycling trips, or in urban peripheries. All photographs are taken in southern Finland, where currently the loss of forests and other natural environments is alarming.

The human perception is always layered; what we see is filtered by emotion, knowledge, and attitude. The layered images are on the one hand concealed landscapes, on the other, they are abstract representations of emotion and the ambivalence felt when in nature; the love and enjoyment of wild spaces, and the need to protect them, as well as the pain of losing them.

Des(Re)pair is also about the potential and the beauty of change. When committed and willing, we can see the solutions and act them out.

Jenny Vesiväki

Jenny Vesiväki was born in 1986 in southern Finland. She began her art studies in Savonlinna Senior Secondary School of Arts, from which she graduated in 2006. Before resuming her art studies in TAMK in 2017, she worked in many museums in Finland as a guide, studied art history, aesthetics, drama, and tourism.

Vesiväki is a painter, illustrator, and is a performance artist. She occasionally makes video works and uses photography as a means of expression. Most pieces have a handmade, mixed media element to them; also her performances, which usually include tactile objects.

For Vesiväki, the method of drawing is gestural, honest and intimate. Even in her photos, she uses drawing-like editing.

Environmental values are present in all of Jenny Vesiväki ́s works, if not overtly, at least in the process of creation. Energy and polarity are concepts at the core of Vesiväki ́s art. She believes that in the current age of attention economy and urbanization, it is imperative to notice the polarities that are out of balance in our lives. In order to lead balanced lives, humans need exposure to peripheries; and peripheries need humans to protect them. Vesiväki ́s works exude the qualities of connection and commitment, and they are also low key calls for action.

Jenny Vesiväki Art

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