Join our live concerts hosted by Anna Haaraoja, our music coordinator.

Live performances from global students Monday, Tuesday and Thursday always at 9 pm! (All times are Finnish, GMT +3)

Monday 20th, Starting at 9pm!

Forks & Mics

By Kite Records

A Forks and Mics session, an interview and live gig, with Nestori Kumpunen.

Ruby-Anne Kakoutis

By Ruby-Anne Kakoutis

Inspired by Israeli artist and educator, Lezli Rubin Kunda’s 2017 performance in Greece referencing Da Vinci’s late deluge drawings and variations of that performed at OCADU. The variations done at OCADU continued the conversation, talking more about movement, experimentation and drawing combined with the body with music.

Roope Yliaho

Just me; man and a guitar. A mix of melancholy, indie, pop, and rock playing with rasp singing.

Tuesday 21st, Starting at 9pm!


by NIA

I honestly think, in times like these, people need some cheering up, so I’m going to perform some of the songs from my recent release, that were written to give people hope and faith in the future 🖤

Performance in Chatroulette

By Gwyneth Nava and Paulina Vázquez

This performance is a theatrical and artistic act to create a lot of personalities, made by Gwyneth and Paulina while meeting people from all over the world via Chatroulette; that website is going to be the bridge to change personalities while people from Instagram are watching it live.


By Edgars Zinovjevs

Zinoviev is an experience – state of mind. As Latvian roots has gone into Finnish growth, Live performances throws spicy elements from both sides. What genre? Nobody knows, even Zinoviev himself. Every creation process is different in every aspect as he tries to bring his emotions, adventures and experiences into melodies and beats.

Thursday 23rd, Starting at 9pm!


By Ximena Fabián

A DJ set using Soundcloud, Bandcamp and YouTube to mix music live stream.

Plastic Bitch

By Miro Leirimaa

Plastic Bitch is dark electronic music from Finland. It takes something from EBM/Industrial/Punk/Rave/Techno/Synthwave -genres and combines it to something new and different. It draws the ideas and atmosphere from the Finnish 8 months of darkness and despair.


By Uyen Dang

The music video HUG is the combination between music and visual, It is all from the heart. And it is the same with dance videos. The message in my music is sharing and caring

Join the official iWeek After Party! Friday the 24th at 8pm Finnish Time!

Hosted by Bar Virrtual

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