Co-Write Pitching session

Friday 08.04.2022 11:00 – 13:00
Kuvastudio 13009

By Janne Tauriainen

Panelists: Antti Immonen, Juha-Matti Penttinen, Juspe, Dj Juels, Karri Mikkonen, Mikko Koivunen, Simeon Puukari
Tutor: Joona “Skywalk” Pietikäinen

  • In co-operation with Academy of Pop Culture / Hanze University, Netherlands and PXL University, Hasselt, Belgium
  • Started in 2014
  • 8 students from each university join to do a week co-write session organized by Hanze in November, PXL in February and TAMK in April. 
  • Universities have different themes and programs for each week with coaching from teachers and guests from the industry.
  • All the co-write sessions ends with pitching session to industry professionals in each country such as Wisseloord Music, BMG TALPA, N.E.W.S Records, Play it Again Sam, Nordic Music Partners to name a few. 
  • Pitching continues at the Music Fairs such as Euronic and The Great Escape.
  • Through this co-operation students have made a good connection within the industry and achieved good results with over 140 millions plays in Spotify and over 50 million plays in YouTube.

Antti Immonen

My name is Antti Immonen from Yle (Finnish national broadcaster). I’m currently working there as a technical development producer, responsible for new media technologies, including immersive audio (NGA, Dolby Atmos, Spatial audio). I’ve also been working at Yle as a sound supervisor and music recording engineer. Additionally I’ve been composing music for television, and being an entrepreneur in the recording studio business.

Juha-Matti Penttinen, Juspe, Dj Juels

Half of the producer duo / team Millionaire Men. Have produced, composed and doing writing for about 18 years, which includes a large number of gold and platinum records with Finland’s most popular artists. In addition to making music, Juspe is also a DJ, 26 years in a row this year. This includes touring as a DJ for various artists, playing for many years in Finland’s biggest nightclubs, bars and the most popular festivals. Two professions combined, both of which support each other. Diverse doing with music has provided nothing but opportunities and realized the biggest dreams he could ever imagine.

Karri Mikkonen

Karri Mikkonen is a music producer and songwriter from Jyväskylä, Finland. He started playing in bands at an early age and took interest towards music production when he was 16 years old. Since then, he has been involved in a wide variety of different projects — indie artists from different genres, soundtracks for games and films, and music production and songwriting for major artists in Asia with the help of his publisher Sugar House Publishing. 

Karri co-wrote and produced the hit single Breaking Dawn from the K-pop group THE BOYZ’s Japanese album Breaking Dawn. His sound can be also heard most recently on Like You, a song by Maie, a virtual artist from Asia and on DANNA, a song released by Saki Misaka which peaked at Japan’s Billboard digital chart number 2. His older releases also include songs such as Da Ke Bu Bi which was released by the Chinese artist Bunny Zhang and Yappa Are Da Na by the Japanese artist Kamin.

Mikko Koivunen

Mikko Koivunen has quickly become one of the top producers in Finland. His career as a producer began in 2017 when he debuted as a writer and producer with Idols winner Anniina’s first single Syvään Päähän.
As a producer, Koivunen is exceptionally versatile and sovereignly masters different genres from hip hop to “iskelmä”. His latest big hits are Pihlaja – Tatuoitu and Ahti – Matkustaja (feat. Akseli Kankaanranta).
Last year, Finnish music history was made when for the first time ever, a Finnish song by a Finnish artist, Yeaboyah – Just Se, was chosen for the FIFA football game. Mikko Koivunen was responsible for the production of the song together with Yrjänä and MD$.

Simeon Puukari

Simeon Puukari is a Finnish songwriter and producer.  He has worked in multiple projects in Finland and globally building a solid catalog of releases in domestic and international markets. 
Simeon is focusing on pop music and he has releases on labels such as Spinnin’ Records, Universal music, Protocol Recordings and Future House Music. 
Simeon is signed to Elements music as a songwriter.  

Joona “Skywalk” Pietikäinen

Joona “Skywalk” Pietikäinen is a producer and songwriter, based in Helsinki, Finland.
Working towards an international career, Skywalk has co-written and produced records for artists like Marc Benjamin, Autograf & Jack Vallier.
In Finland, he is known for his work for Finland’s top artists such as Vesala, Pyhimys, Anna Puu and Axel Kala.
Skywalk is published & managed by NMP/Fried Music.

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