Challenge Your Thinking Routines!

 A workshop by Tibor Kecskes DLA, Senior Architect and Spatial Designer, Guest Lecturer at Faculty of Architecture, BME, Budapest

Monday and Tuesday from 14:00 to 16:00


– how to think beyond a paradigm?

– adequate role of arts, sciences, and philosophy in a paradigmatic shift

– relevant knowledge and education to shape solutions for global problems

– the future of consumer society and consumer design

After a short introductory presentation we will form a virtual circle and have intensive discussions, and debates on the topics; trying to get rid of our built-in biases. As a result of the workshop, each of the participants summarizes their conclusions and visions in a short presentation or a short (max. 5 minutes) video. The technique of the presentations/videos is up to the individual participant. We will upload our creations to a common platform.

Tibor Kecskes DLA (Doctor of Liberal Arts) graduated in Architecture and Spatial/Interior Design. He has 31 years of design practice from the scale of Graphic Design to Architecture and Urban Design. Kecskes earned his Doctoral Degree in 2012 in the field of Spontaneous Architecture and Spontaneous Design. 

In his research, the focus is on the beneficial spontaneous components of design creativity. He researched at Alnarp University for half a year in 2013. Tibor has 12 years of academic experience as a Lecturer and Associate Professor in Architecture and Spatial Design. Currently, he runs his own Design Office in Budapest. He has been a Guest Lecturer in several countries: Denmark, Sweden, Finland, the Netherlands, Italy, Latvia, Malaysia, and Sri Lanka and he is also a regular participant of international conferences in Architecture, Design and Landscape Architecture.


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