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He became a “loudspeaker” for a Finnish girl who saw her forests being destroyed

Ignacio Varela an artist from Uruguay. He was studying at Mediapolis as an exchange student during the fall of 2019, taking some photography courses. He presented his project What is a tree other than freedom? in iWeek’s photography exhibition. Read more about the project and Ignacio.


Standpoint by Lais Glaser and Jasmin Gams

Created in the autumn of 2018, Standpoint is a photo project that focuses on understanding individual perspectives on different gender-related topics by combining interviews with portraits. Originally, the project featured anonymous portraits of the interviewed, but as it progressed, this changed. The current version of the project features studio pictures that aim to objectify theContinue reading “Standpoint by Lais Glaser and Jasmin Gams”

March Exhibitions

In March, many of our students set up exhibitions to showcase their work. Let’s recap what there was. Year One On the second and third of March, our first-year students held an exhibition YEAR ONE, featuring first-year students’ works. The exhibition took place at the Mediapolis campus in Kuva Studios. There were paintings, music, andContinue reading “March Exhibitions”