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Interactive Sensorial Art Experience at Himmelblau Gallery 

Can art be used as a transformative tool towards a more optimistic future? This is the main question being asked by visual creator Luiza Preda and sonic artist, Allan Castellanos, who have created a promising experience for Tampere’s local community at Himmelblau Gallery in Finlayson for this February (4.2.22-20.2.22). The art exhibition, Aerial Roots, isContinue reading “Interactive Sensorial Art Experience at Himmelblau Gallery “


He became a “loudspeaker” for a Finnish girl who saw her forests being destroyed

Ignacio Varela an artist from Uruguay. He was studying at Mediapolis as an exchange student during the fall of 2019, taking some photography courses. He presented his project What is a tree other than freedom? in iWeek’s photography exhibition. Read more about the project and Ignacio.