The short films BROADCAST and LEFT BEHIND are exploratory films about the future of humanity. They are part of a bigger project the artists, Emmaline Ewe and Saga Tähtinen, hope to expand into a series of post-apocalyptic short films.

The collective has an interest in 80’s horror movies and practical effects as well as experimental films. They explore color schemes, dark humor and post-apocalyptic themes in their short films. They also have enjoyed various styles of editing that can be explored through digital film and software.

Before creating BROADCAST and LEFT BEHIND the two have previously and individually produced short films and music videos but never a production to this extent. They plan to expand this post-apocalyptic universe in future projects.

Saga and Emmaline are fairly new to professional art, only creating film and other media in their spare time and never for public consumption. These projects are the first of many and they are proud to present their work for feedback. They hope you enjoy the films and will continue to support them in their future projects.

BROADCAST takes place in the cusp of the destruction of civilization where humanity has driven the earth into an environmental catastrophe. It explores exploitive journalistic media and human nature as humanity is on the brink of extinction. It is dark yet humorous, made to be a satire of the current state of the world. It is a cynical piece about what the future might possibly hold for us if we continue living the way we do.
LEFT BEHIND is a continuation of that story. It is set a number of years after BROADCAST. In contrast to the first short film, it is a slower, moodier and more reflective piece. An environmental focus on both pieces is a toxic, unbreathable air where humans are forced to breathe through gas masks. It represents an essential element of life that many take for granted, yet it is something we impact the most through industrialization. 
In LEFT BEHIND a lone survivor wanders the ruins of civilization in search of a clean water source, which is yet another key element to our survival. Ugly buildings are left rotting but nature stays the same. The protagonist takes the viewer through a number of these locations, prompting the viewer to reflect on what we might lose if we do not treat the earth responsibly.

Emmaline Ewe

Emmaline Ewe is a Kuala Lumpur born first-year Media and Art student studying at TAMK. Ewe is of Finnish and Malaysian Chinese descent, spending half her life in either country. 

Ewe is a hobbyist artist. Before joining TAMK she studied in a vocational fine arts school, producing paintings and prints with one minor exhibition to her name. 

Ewe spends most of her time watching movies and listening to music. Though interested in the art of cinema, her passion for the visual storytelling in music videos translates into the fast and stylistic cuts in the final edited versions of her videos. Currently, she is interested in experimental filmmaking. 

Saga Tähtinen

Saga Tähtinen is a first-year Fine Arts student whose primary mediums are photography and video. Fairly new to video art, she first became interested in it after learning how to edit short films. She is drawn to video as an art medium due to its versatility and experimental nature.

The video works she has produced at TAMK deal with themes such as the environment and the possible future of mankind in a post-apocalyptic setting. In the future, she is hoping to produce more videos and develop her visual style further. She is also interested in expanding her art to different mediums, such as animation and 360 videos.

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