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KEEP IN TOUCH is a collection of 15 artists that were part of creating Finlayson Art Area in 2020.

ASTHM’s new album coming soon!

Talk is the next album from Asthm overall is alternative hip hop, inspired by old school hip hop, modern rap, trip-hop and french touch. The album will be released in early 2021.

off the record by marinoitu

Today Marinoitu released “off the record”, her solo album.

The Finnish artist – songwriter has been writing songs since she was 13 years old, and now at 23, she has decided to release her audio art


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Learn about our artists, the latest projects and exhibitions, and read about Media and Arts at TAMK.

Who is Invictus?

With a heavy focus on underground dance music like Drum and Bass, Jungle, and Dubstep. You can expect groovy bass lines, hard hitting sounds and breakbeats. The energy levels are bound to be high.

Documenting the process of creating from home

Teuta Pashnjari is a first-year Fine Arts student at TAMK. She exhibited her work in iWeek’s painting exhibition. During COVID-19 lockdown Teuta worked in her new home studio, which she talks about with Luiza Preda. She explains to Isabella Presnal about how she began documenting her creative process and how it transformed into a short film.

The Expatriot

Ian McIntosh is a Canadian second-year Music Production student. In 2016 he and his family moved to Turkey, and since then he’s been living abroad. This spring he started a podcast, The Expatriot, and is interviewing others that have been or are ex-pats. Here is his story and the inspiration for the podcast.


The Fine Art digital exhibition BIG WHOOP is a group show by and featuring young emerging artists.

Who is SHARKY?

SHARKY is undefined, mixing all genres. Read about SHARKY and her story.

Article and Essays

Read our articles and essays covering all things Media and Arts, from how we pulled off our first digital event to the changes in Music Production.

Apply now for the Media and Arts Program at TAMK

Interested in studying sound design, or maybe photography or animation? TAMK offers a wide variety of studies in the Media and Arts program. Read more about the program, application and where to learn more.

14 days of self-portraits

Teini Piibemaa decided to take 14 self portraits from the 1st to 14th of November – her birthday. It is a way for Teini to look at the good and the bad of herself, and reflect on her adolescent years of trying to change herself.

Atomic Jungle is Open!

Atomic Jungle brings together of TAMK’s Fine Art graduates. In face of the global pandemic, during the spring they had to find an alternative to showcase their works. Now they are showcasing their works in a physical exhibition.


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Recap iWeek 2020

Read about what happened during iWeek 2020, our first ever Digital Event.

The Last Day of iWeek 2020

The last day started with Tommi Moilanen and his workshop focused on Distance Teaching Media Students. Tommi shared how he has been teaching his Filming and Lighting course through streaming and online tools. The conversation focused on how to teach from home, and what digital tools there are. A big topic was how the theoreticalContinue reading “The Last Day of iWeek 2020”

Thursday, 23rd of April

In the morning we had the Fine Art video pitching session hosted by Fanny Niemi-Junkola with Tytti Rantanen, program coordinator from AV-Arkki, & Jenni Toikka, visual artist. You can watch the films here or on our YouTube channel. Afterward, we had the final lunchtime discussion hosted by Sohvi. The special guest was Chris Smith, whoContinue reading “Thursday, 23rd of April”

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