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Eye on TAMK – iWeek 2022

Learn everything you need to know for our 2022 International Week!

Digitalization of Education installation by the Advanced Sound Design class

Welcome to the “Digitalization of Education” installation created by the Advanced Sound Design class for iWeek 2022!   Their goal is to demonstrate the current negative impact of online video chat lectures that many of our students as well as teachers had to experience for the past two years. Throughout an online lecture there might beContinue reading “Digitalization of Education installation by the Advanced Sound Design class”

iWeek 2022 Team Introductions!

Hello everyone! We hope you all are having a nice ski-break 🙂 it is time we share with you our amazing team for this year’s iWeek! Sohvi Sirkesalo Sohvi is our International Coordinator and iWeek leader. She runs iWeek, coordinating with other teachers, partners, and collaborators. Sohvi has been involved in organizing the teams sinceContinue reading “iWeek 2022 Team Introductions!”

Open call – Hybrid iWeek 2022!

Hello everyone!   You may have heard that iWeek 2022 (4 – 8.4.2022) is coming up this spring! Everyone is warmly welcome to submit all types of art projects for both our on-site and virtual exhibitions.  Such as video works (including 360 video works which might have the possibility to be included), video performances, animations, photographyContinue reading “Open call – Hybrid iWeek 2022!”

Our Showcase

The latest from our artists, musicians, designers, filmmakers, etc.

Interactive Sensorial Art Experience at Himmelblau Gallery 

Can art be used as a transformative tool towards a more optimistic future? This is the main question being asked by visual creator Luiza Preda and sonic artist, Allan Castellanos, who have created a promising experience for Tampere’s local community at Himmelblau Gallery in Finlayson for this February (4.2.22-20.2.22). The art exhibition, Aerial Roots, isContinue reading “Interactive Sensorial Art Experience at Himmelblau Gallery “

Summer Events

Courses are over, the weather is warmer, it’s clear that summer is upon us. While some may be taking summer courses or working on projects or have a summer internship, there are also a few fun art and media things happening this summer!

Performing Artists

Meet the TAMK Music students performing during iWeek 2021. Deniz Kirci Deniz Kirci is a singer/songwriter. Her music is defined by sentimental and poetic lyrics, accompanied by melancholic melodies. It carries bittersweet undertones, painting a somber soundscape of her experiences and thoughts as an individual and as an artist. I would describe my work asContinue reading “Performing Artists”

Ükku and the Cursed Kingdom

Ükku released her debut album Cursed Kingdom in May 2020. The album is an experimentation. We sat with Ükku and learned about how she’s been surrounded by music since a child, her inspiration and more.


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Learn about our artists, the latest projects and exhibitions, and read about Media and Arts at TAMK.

Who is Invictus?

With a heavy focus on underground dance music like Drum and Bass, Jungle, and Dubstep. You can expect groovy bass lines, hard hitting sounds and breakbeats. The energy levels are bound to be high.

Documenting the process of creating from home

Teuta Pashnjari is a first-year Fine Arts student at TAMK. She exhibited her work in iWeek’s painting exhibition. During COVID-19 lockdown Teuta worked in her new home studio, which she talks about with Luiza Preda. She explains to Isabella Presnal about how she began documenting her creative process and how it transformed into a short film.

The Expatriot

Ian McIntosh is a Canadian second-year Music Production student. In 2016 he and his family moved to Turkey, and since then he’s been living abroad. This spring he started a podcast, The Expatriot, and is interviewing others that have been or are ex-pats. Here is his story and the inspiration for the podcast.


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