BIG WHOOP is an online group show which introduces twelve young and emerging artists from TAMK’s Media and Art degree program this spring (13.4 – 1.5.2020).

The top definition for the expression “big whoop” on is

 “Big deal, important occurrence. Usually used sarcastically or to blow something off.”

The title of the exhibition might be taken as just what the definition entails; sarcasm. Given a more broad view though, the artworks are very much about the opposite; they exude sincerity and compassion. 

In the throws of a global pandemic, it is somewhat impossible to ignore the shift that encompasses just about all values and meanings. What was significant before the virus, might now look like something else. However, it is important to focus on all the complexities of life, especially when something hugely dramatic wants to diminish everything else and close us off into fear. 

In this strange time of fundamental change, art can be comforting; whether it be as a time out, a distraction, a fresh thought, a reminder of something good. BIG WHOOP is an exhibition of windows into the human abilities of seeing, healing, understanding and creating meaning.

The exhibition is created by Jonathan Carey, Jasmin Gams, Janna Lindfors, Aleksandra Näveri, Jenny Vesiväki and Petra Vuorinen.

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