Back To Nature (2019)

It’s the year 2025 and the depressed young woman found the ancient healing method and she wants to go to try it as her last chance. Is this civilization going too far from our provenance and our true nature?

Isa Kiviaho

Isa Kiviaho (b. 1993) is a versatile and adventurous visual artist. Kiviaho studies the world with a twinkle in her eye and strives to learn and get to know our world and its various phenomena as widely as possible.

Kiviaho creates a record to communicate and present the things she observes through her artwork; videos, photography, drawing, painting, digitally and with traditional technology, installations, collages, sculptures, sound worlds, word art and performing arts.

Kiviaho loves to play with different perspectives and roles, as well as deal with uncomfortable themes and concepts. She is eager to break her own boundaries and very curious to try new things. Sensitively perceived themes range extensively and richly from society’s commentary to imaginative surreal fairytale worlds, from exploratory scientific fact-based topics to deep dives into mystical spiritual phenomena, and the oceans of human soul emotions.

Kiviaho defines herself as a world citizen who feels at home wherever in the world she travels. The Mikkeli-based artist has lived in Spain, Italy, and Prague, where she also supported herself by painting murals.

At the moment, she has settled in Tampere to deepen her knowledge in the field of art in the Fine Art line of Tampere University of Applied Sciences. She held her first own exhibition Boundary Experimentation in Studio Wäkewä in Mikkeli in 2017, after which she has participated in joint exhibitions every year since. She has also been an organizer of art events for the city of Mikkeli and has also supported herself as a children’s art teacher.

Isa Kiviaho Art

Silja Tusa

Silja Tusa is a Tampere based first-year fine art student. Her works deal with universal themes and political issues through the lens of personal experience. She works mostly with mixed media, intrigued by different combinations of textures and materials. She has recently begun experimenting with non-figurative art, and exploring how to express herself through new means.

Silja Tusa Art

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