About Veera Jokitalo

Veera Jokitalo is a first-year fine art student in the Bachelor of Media and Arts -degree studies in Tampere University of Applied Sciences. From a young age, Jokitalo has had a great interest towards visual arts, and has drawn and painted on and off as a hobby for as long as she can remember. After a couple of years of active travelling, she realized her desire to commit to creating and studying art in a more consistent and serious manner.

Ideas related to sadness, suffering, nature, and finding solace in difficult concepts are important themes Jokitalo wished to express in her works. She is also interested in exploring subjects related to erotica, and other marginal themes which may generally hold stigma. Jokitalo is interested in Asian aesthetics and philosophy and influences of them can be seen in her work. She has mainly done monochromatic works using pencil and charcoal on paper but has recently shown an interest towards incorporating colour into her works by experimenting with coloured paints on canvas.

Find her work on Instagram.

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