About Seyoon Yoon

Seyoon Yoon is an artist and 3rd year student at TAMK. Yoon was born in Seoul, South Korea and lived there for the first 20 years of her life before moving to Finland in 2018.

As a child Yoon had plenty of opportunities to be close with art. Her father is an orchestra conductor and has had a huge influence on Yoon. Yoon always had a deep interest in art and began to have regular art education at the age of 16.

Yoon’s favourite mediums are photography and drawing. During her university studies, she has experimented with different mediums and has incorporated them into her work as well. She is most inspired by people’s stories and their emotions, but she also refers to her own experiences. Yoon likes to tell stories through her works,  <A Blue Circle Story> is the one of them.

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