About Saara Del Rio Rajanti

Saara Del Rio Rajanti was born in Italy but moved to Finland as a two-year-old. Since childhood, Del Rio Rajanti has been interested in the arts. The fascination began with drawing, painting, and crafting, but Del Rio Rajanti also knit, sew, play the guitar, and as a teenager they began to tattoo.

Different schools have helped Del Rio Rajanti find their own style to make art. Del Rio Rajanti got their basic education of arts from the Sara Hildén Academy of Fine Arts. After upper secondary school they started their Bachelor’s degree Programme in Fine Arts in Tampere University.

Saara Del Rio Rajanti’s works are often painted portraits in an in-between style of street- and pop-art.  Del Rio Rajanti also works with other mediums such as filmmaking and photography. Their motifs usually focus on an individual – studies of abstract ideas like someone’s mindset or of something more concrete like an individual’s smile.

In their art, Del Rio Rajanti also uses themes surrounding people as culture, beliefs, sexual orientation, gender identity, mental health, and fantasy.

Find the artsit on Instagram: @titanobooa

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