About Pihla Paju

Pihla Paju is a 20-year-old open university student in the Fine Art path. She has studied art basics at Oriveden Opisto in 2019–20 before starting her studies in TAMK. Her first introduction to art came from her parents: her father is a photographer, and her mother is an art teacher. From a young age, she got introduced to the art scene by her family who visited a number of art exhibitions and events. Early on, Paju started exploring her own ideas and views through art.  

Paju likes to use ink and watercolor as her main mediums but wants to experiment with everything else on the side. Her inspiration usually comes from everyday life and one of the most essential subjects for her is expressing feeling and emotion through art. Paju tries to reach her ideas by picturing human bodies and poses that reflect strong feelings. 

Find her work on Instagram: @itkuvirret 

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