About Naksu Kihlakaski

Naksu Kihlakaski is a Finnish photographer, videographer, voice actor, writer, and digital artist. Kihlakoski’s works are inspired by themes such as fantasy, sci-fi, mental health, nature, existentialism, transhumanism, and personal aesthetics. Main topics in their art are biocentrism and the condemning of the idea of human exceptionalism. Photography is their main medium, followed closely by digital art.

Born, raised, and based in Tampere, Kihlakaski has been interested in the arts since childhood. Beginning with traditional art, Kihlakaski moved to digital art as a teenager and into photography and voice acting as a young adult. Kihlakaski has been to a wide array of schools: gymnasium, vocational, folk high, open university, and university of applied sciences. Kihlakaski worked for mobile game company 5 More Minutes for a year in 2016, and helped to organize and set up the Visual Catalysts (2020) exhibition for Kulttuuritalo Laikku in Tampere. Currently, they are studying Interactive Media at Tampere University of Applied Sciences.

Find more of their work on Instagram: @sitruunakossu

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