About Isabella Presnal

Isabella Presnal is a visual artist, based in the Helsinki-area. Isabella is a dual citizen, Finnish-American, and has lived in multiple countries before moving to Finland in 2017. Her nomadic childhood led her to tell stories through video and becoming a videographer, which she has been doing professionally for the past five years. In recent years, she has also been exploring photography as an artistic medium. She is interested in the documentation of life using photography and investigating the differences between fine art and documentary photography.

Isabella often explores themes related to her personal life, especially linked to nostalgia and anxiety, in addition to her concerns about the climate crisis. Her goal is to create discussions about the human experience and solutions for the future. Currently, she is a third-year Fine Art student at TAMK and is working on her thesis. Before TAMK Isabella studied Higher Level Visual Arts as part of the International Baccalaureate degree, which she completed in 2018. Isabella’s artwork has been seen in the Visual Catalysts exhibition part of the Backlight Photo Festival, and online exhibitions like A Brave New World and Plugin(s) Object(s).

Find the artist on Instagram @bella_artisting or visit their website www.isabellapresnal.com

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