About Isa Kiviaho

Isa Kiviaho (b. 1993 Mikkeli) is a second-year fine art student. Her primary mediums are photography, videography, and installations. Kiviaho is keen to play around with different mediums and mix them. Recently she has worked with the scanography method and has found it to be very prolific. She works with a vast photography practices, scaling from studio to street, film to digital, and from abstract style to documentary. She also loves to mix them in colleagues or draw and paint into her photographs.

Kiviaho loves to create multidimensional works where the viewer may find many aspects. Her results are usually mixes of escapism and stories with science, or sociological phenomenon with satire and spiritual touch. Kiviaho gets inspired by humanity and nature and wants with her art to reflect more equality and sustainability to the world.  

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