About Daria Craciun

Daria Craciun is a 22-year-old first-year Fine Art student. She moved to Finland from Bucharest, Romania ten years ago.

Craciun’s love for art came at a young age and her first introduction to art was photography:

“I would capture pictures of everyone and everything, just for the sake of it. I never paid much attention to the quality of the pictures, but I enjoyed it very much. Recently I started to venture more with moving image, and started to get passionate about it. I have been very curious to try all kinds of mediums, which is why I think this specific Fine Art path was so perfect and broad to me.”

In her artworks, Craciun loves to explore the connection she has with the subject she is approaching. She feels like the best way for her to express her feelings is through creating, no matter what medium she is using.

“I would say the most important aspect of art-making for me is the emotion or feeling the artwork is going to provoke or achieve. I always try to put my heart out there with my artworks, but I also hope that people interpret them in their own way and reflect something of themselves as individuals.”

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