About AnyDot

Anydot is an international collective of artists based in Tampere, Finland.

Anydot seek out ways of telling stories through art and creativity. They also strive to point out things that makes us unique while sharing the same human condition, and perhaps make the world a better place while doing so. The collective’s inspiration is alchemy, finding ways to challenge and change one’s self with energy and balance. AnyDot transforms ideas into new realities.

AnyDot gathers a large skillset on the digital playground. They are composed of videographers, musicians, producers, designers, animators and multimedia content producers. They identify themselves as a platform for artists providing unique, immersive experiences through combination of different mediums and technology.

Anydot is the brainchild of José Inácio and Allan Castellanos, who are eager and thankful for you to take this journey with them.

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