About Anniina Nummela

Anniina Nummela is a Tampere-based artist and student. She is currently in her third year of Fine Art studies at TAMK and is involved in iWeek as this year’s Content Marketing Manager. 

Nummela considers herself a TCK – a third culture kid – she is a Finn, but she grew up abroad in Asia and has always been immersed in international environments. Influences of this time and the places she has lived, are reflected in her work through her choice of theme, medium and technique.  

Through her art, Nummela gravitates to exploring facets of mental health, cultural identity, and the environment. She works with varied mediums, but mainly paper-based techniques, painting and photography. During the pandemic, she also became increasingly interested in site-specific art – this interest is showcased in this year’s iWeek by her work Climate Anxiety.   

Find her work on her website and on Instagram: @mypurpleinspiration 

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