About Ada Ikonen

Ada Ikonen is an artist, originally from the little town of Järvenpää. Ikonen describes herself as a digital jack of all trades. She has an interest in a variety of things, including 3D-modelling, animation, illustration, concept art, VFX and traditional art. When it comes to her art, Ikonen says she loves everything that makes her feel good. She adores cute things and memories of reading works like Tokyo mew mew and Precure – she says this spark a childlike wonder in her and she wants to emit a similar feeling through her own works.

In high school Ikonen did her finals in religion and history. Whenever possible, she goes deep into both to find a convoluted meaning or symbol to use in her works – be it names or mythological creatures as animal partners. Ikonen also likes storytelling where naive main characters get woken up to a harsher reality of the world and learn to live with it. Although she grew up with overly positive story narratives like “love/friendship wins all”, she does not endorse those messages in her own work.

See more of her work on Instagram @ada__erika.

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