Digitalization of Education installation by the Advanced Sound Design class

Welcome to the “Digitalization of Education” installation created by the Advanced Sound Design class for iWeek 2022!  

The set-up
Advanced Sound Design students planning the installation

Their goal is to demonstrate the current negative impact of online video chat lectures that many of our students as well as teachers had to experience for the past two years. Throughout an online lecture there might be interruption of the dialogue caused by poor connection, loud surroundings amongst many other issues that might occur. The Advanced Sound Design class wanted to focus on these inconveniences and bring them to surface. 

They isolated participants in a closed environment on opposite sides of the wall. The participants can see each other through a window, so that emulates the online experiences throughout the lectures. We may see each other and even speak to one another, but most times there might be problems understanding the other person clearly. Most commonly used platforms for online teaching in our study programmes are Zoom and Teams.  

Using effects through audio hardware and software, the speakers will use headphones/microphones going through a 5 minute game of Alias (guessing the words given without using the word itself). Their team set up an experience through software with automated effects such as: delay, bitcrush, distortion, reverb, etc.  All of these elements which are very common when dealing with online teaching.  

The class’ goal with this experiment is to highlight all of the challenges that students can face in an online or digital learning environment.  

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