Welcome to VR Gallery

A look at the KALEIDOSCOPERS 2021 VR Gallery on Thursday at 10-11 CET as part of the iWeek programme.

From http://www.kaleidoscopers2021.com

At 10 o’clock (CET) on Thursday Fanni Niemi-Junkola and Tommi Mäkeläinen will be presenting the Virtual Gallery created for Kaleidoscopers. The Virtual Gallery isn’t limited to exhibiting images of the artworks, but creates an additional 3D world for them. Each student has their own virtual room with an atmosphere and ambience related to their artworks that will be exhibited in the autumn.

The coding of VR Gallery is by Tommi Mäkeläinen, 3D by Minna Annola and sound & music by Eetu Tähtinen and Vincent Masse.

Images of the VR Gallery
Images of the VR Gallery
Images of the VR Gallery
Images of the VR Gallery

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