Special Spotlight: Lunch talks with Sohvi

Welcome back to the special spotlight shedding the light on Lunch!! Join Sohvi Sirkesalo for a midafternoon chat!

Laughing through Lunch hour – welcome to join!

Do you smile and laugh while working alone at home? Do you miss nonsense chat with your colleagues? Do you have jokes in you lessons? Can you find humour in your everyday life? Can crazy ideas and silly examples be part of serious pedagogy or will they spoil all learning goals?

Eye on TAMK’s program is full of interesting professional presentations and lectures, focusing on serious questions on current issues – talks about sustainability, education, social awareness, responsibility, mental health and so on. Highly respectful subjects for an international conference of higher education institution. Looking for something totally different?! Then this is for you!

Program Details:

On Tuesday at 12-13 during the Lunch Discussion we will talk about HUMOUR!

The session starts with presentation by Chris Smith: ”Wondering about Humour Affordances in Digital Learning Platforms?”

Chris Smith is a lecturer in the fields of Media Theory and Scriptwriting. Chris also researches the relationship between Humour and Digital Platforms.

Lunch Discussions with Sohvi are relaxed unofficial sessions, where you can talk about what ever comes to your mind. You can also eat, because it is LUNCH! Don’t eat alone, join the Lunch session!

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