Special Spotlight: UNPLUGGED

This ones going to be real special!! Welcome to the Special Spotlight: UNPLUGGED. As you know this is the BIGGEST LARGEST ALL ENCOMPASSING INTERNATIONAL WEEK YET! Roll up the curtains and get ready for a night of live performances from a multitude of talented band and Individuals including Inner Peace an electro dance music wizard, the soothing soul sounds of Deniz Kardzha, and an exclusive performance and interview with the one and only JESSE MARKIN our newest partner at Tamk.

If you don’t know who Jesse Markin is well you are in for a surprise. Jesse Markin a rapper/singer was awarded  the Newcomer of the Year  and the Choice of Critics at the  Emma Gala 2020.  He also received the 2020  Teosto Award for  his solo debut album  Folk. He was was also just recently on Dancing with the Stars and came in 7th place here in Finland. So you know he’s got happy feet!! This is going to be one for the books. After sitting in workshops and presentations all day it can only mean we got to party at night. Grab the booze or water (if that’s what you’re into) throw on your best pair of disco rollers and lets get funky.

Schedule-Line up: UNPLUGGED

17:10 – Let me be your star Performed by Janna Jackson and Kreeta Sihvola

17:20 Deniz Kardzha

Soul Soothing Sounds

17:50 Rohto

18:10 – Georgy Porgy performed by Antti-Jussi Taskinen and Aleksi Laukkonen 

18:15 Unluckyluke

Unluckyluke is here to drop the Hippity-Hop

18:40 Jesse Markin

Award winning Rapper and Singer

19:25 Inner Peace

Sonic Electronic Techno Wizardry

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