Special Spotlight: Media and F’arts Show

Brandon Emene (8th Myth) + Isabelle Coelho (Izzy Bunny)

Oh have we got something spicy and fun planned for you this Thursday evening (25.03). A specially curated program filled with music and comedy! Get ready to blast off into the stratosphere with Izzy Bunny (Isabelle Coelho) and 8th Myth (Brandon Emene) as they take you on a artistic experience and showcase of the many talented individuals in the school. The Media and F’arts show is a one of a kind experience you won’t get anywhere else so grab the popcorn and the beer and join us here! You’ll regret it if you don’t.

Program Details:


A media and arts showcase show, (yes I used show twice), made especially for International Week. There will be interviews, Music videos and tons of comical energy! Get ready to laugh and lose your soda pop with Izzy Bunny and 8th Myth. We don’t want to spill the whole can of beans yet so make sure you tune in.

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