Special Spotlight: Sound Design and Directing Workshop

Yara Nashawatay and Francois Yazbeck

Francois Yazbeck
Yara Nashawatay

Hello! Welcome to the Special Spotlight, here to give you a bit of information on some of the exciting things we have coming up during International Week this year.

Starting off we would like to point the spotlight on some of our guests, Yara Nashawaty and Francois Yazbeck presenting a Sound Design and Directing Workshop. This workshop aims to highlight the importance of sound in film narration. This will offer a wonderful deep dive into audio storytelling in cinematic/visual settings. Don’t miss this chance to learn some of the tips and tricks, plus techniques used by these pros and if you don’t know them, well heres a sneak peak at their track records…

Ms. Yara Nashawaty is Head of Program of Undergraduate Studies at the Institute of Theater, Audiovisual and Cinema Studies (IESAV) of the Université Saint-Joseph de Beyrouth (USJ, Beirut, Lebanon), where she has been a lecturer since 2009 and Full-Time faculty member since 2014. Her developed courses include as well practical and theoretical approaches in both Audiovisual B.A. and M.A. curriculums. She is also a board member of IESAV.

Mr. François Yazbeck is a sound designer, musician and film director, currently based in Beirut, Lebanon. For the past few years, he has mostly worked as a sound editor, sound designer and foley artist in the cinema industry on local, arab and international films among which “Honeyland”, “You will die at twenty”, “1982” & “The River”. He is also a cinema at school for the French Baccalaureate and at IESAV-USJ.

Workshop Details:
10:00 – 16:00

Number of participants: Maximum 6 (first come, first serve)

The Sound Design /Directing workshop aims to highlight the importance of sound in film narration. It would be structured as following: 

  1. During a short introduction, several sound designs will be proposed on the same image edit as an illustration of the importance of sound narration. 
  1. The students will be given a sound design track without an image to listen to it carefully and then discuss what they imagine as images and story. 
  1. The students will be asked to put themself in a silent mode and listen to all the sounds around them and note it. They will decide upon what they would like to keep or highlight. 
  1. They will be given an assignment to shoot 1 to 3 shots on which the sound noted and picked in the previous exercise would be integrated off screen, creating a complete on and off-screen narration. 
  1. Screening of all the projects and group discussion 

– Basic Knowledge in picture and sound editing 
– Camera and sound recorder or a cellphone to film videos and record sound 

Read the registration instructions and see the whole iWeek schedule: Here

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