Special Spotlight: TAMK Goes Excited

Are you excited..? Cause those of us here at TAMK are!!

TAMK Goes Excited is a collection of workshops and panels happening throughout Tuesday, 23.03, from 9-16. These panels and workshops range from “Spotify” to the “Future of digital concert experiences” and even some K-pop! If that doesn’t sound sweet enough then wait till we reveal the answer to one of life’s most pressing questions, “What is PUNK?”

So if that doesn’t grab you by the ears I’m not sure what will but for any of you savvy listeners out there that fancy yourselves to be very quizzical then take your best shot with the “Young N’ Plastic music quiz”. In TAMK Goes Excited we got a little and a lot of everything. Check below for the full details of the event and organizers and get “Excited”!

Workshop Details:

09:00 Workshop “Being a creator on a streaming platform”
by Nadia Vasilkova, London UK, Spotify

Nadia is a former TAMK student who is now part of the Spotify family. She has experience in music licensing, royalty calculation and distribution, and is now working in copyright management.

Nadia Vasilkova

10:00 Workshop “Radio Helsinki (un)commercial radio for 20 years / Future of digital concert experience”
by Marko Harinen, Tampere, Radio Helsinki 

Marko Harinen is an Audio professional with a sense of marketing, sales, events and apps. Focused to make the best radio and best mobile app experiences for everyone. Been around more than ten years in music and event production, ICT and commercial radio.

Marko Harinen

11:00 Lunch time 

12:00 Panel discussion Excite Music. Panelist Nico Kennes VIBE, Brussels, Belgium, Robin Havbring Kultur Ungdom, Gothenburg, Sweden and moderator Vincent Masse, Kite Records, Helsinki 

Nico Kennes is responsible for international relations of pop, rock, alternative & hip hop at VI.BE, the Flemish point of contact for musicians and the music sector. Representing VI.BE, Nico is also part of several European networks and partner projects such as European Music Exporters Exchange (EMEE), European Talent Exchange Programme (ETEP) and Exchange of International Talent in Europe (EXCITE).

Robin Havbring is the music manager at the offices of KulturUngdom which is the Swedish partner within the EXCITE Network. KulturUngdom is a non-profit organization that work with supporting and promoting cultural practitioners in the Gothenburg region and along the west coast of Sweden.

Vincent Masse from France, Co-founder and co-producer for Kite Records with Nestori Kumpunen, I also have a musical project/band called Asthm and I’m 3rd year student in music production at TAMK.

Nico Kennes
Robin Havbring
Vincent Masse

13:00 Workshop, “Grand daddy, could you explain what is Punk?”
by Jukka Junttila, Hiljaiset levyt, Tampere 

Jukka Junttila is a 62-year-old punk enthusiast and has been that since 1977. He owns an indie record label called Hiljaiset Levyt and has written several books – one of them about punk in 1977. He still believes that Kollaa Kestää and Adverts are the greatest bands in the world.

Jukka Junttila

14:00 Music Quiz by Miro Leirimaa and Richard Jordan Young 

15:00 Workshop: Whats your favourite K-pop idols?
by Hansol Shin, Soul, South-Korea 

Hansol Shin “Sol” is a Korean creative individual. She was part of Tamk as an exchange student in 2016, when she successfully started uploading videos to her YouTube channel “SoulofSol” comparing Finnish and Korean culture. She has a bachelors degree in media and chemistry that allowed her to be an international event coordinator in the international broadcasting company, Arirang Tv. She is currently working on the Korean broadcast company “Channel A” as a creative director.

Hansol Shin

Read the whole iWeek schedule: Here

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