This year’s Tampere Film Festival will be the first online festival starting March 10th till the 14th! See TAMK student films in Kino-TAMK.

Tampere Film Festival

The annual Tampere Film Festival is a five day event that gathers filmmakers, students and film lovers to see short films, feature-length documentaries, events and have happy encounters.

This year is the 51st year, and for the first time it’s an online event. The Tampere Film Festival started in 1969 when when the local film association members decided to organize a national short film event in the city Tampere, Finland. The next year the first international edition was held and now – 50 years later – the festival is one of the top three short film festivals in the world.


Again, this year Kino-TAMK will be part of the festival program. Kino-TAMK is a screening of TAMK media students short films. This year there are 10 films by TAMK students a part of the screening, varying in themes and topics. The festival offers many opportunities to participate as filmmakers, volunteers and guests.

Check out the films being screened here: https://tamperefilmfestival.fi/film/kino-tamk

Advance ticket sales for the festival began today at the Koskikeskus festival shop. Ticket sales online start on Wednesday 10.3. at 10.00.

Read more about the festival: https://tamperefilmfestival.fi/en/

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