Meet the 2021 Team!

This year’s Art, Music and Media iWeek will be part of the “TAMK International – Eye on TAMK 2021 Online week” – a bigger than ever International Week where the contributions of all the TAMK degree programs combine.

Here is an introduction of the incoming Art, Music and Media iWeek Team:

Brandon Emene
Production Assistant
2nd year Media and Arts: Music Production

I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of creations people have been coming up with over the course of the coronavirus. It will be wonderful to showcase the talents of our peers and see the reflections of the world through their works.

Fun Fact: My afro contains all my power. It allows me to channel the forces of creativity. 

Anniina Nummela
Content Marketing Manager
3rd year Media and Arts: Fine Arts

I look forward to sharing content with you from the awesome exhibitions, keynotes, music shows, pitching sessions, and much more over the course of this year’s iWeek. We have a lot in store for you – so stay tuned!   

Fun Fact: In the midst of all the hassle of my studies – projects, zoom calls, course work (…you know the drill) – I needed something to balance it out. So I set a goal for myself to run a half marathon this coming summer. Considering that before this year I’d never run even 3 consecutive kilometres, it’s definitely an interesting challenge.

Coral Nguyen
Graphic Designer
2nd year Media and Arts: Interactive Media

I’m eager to be creating visuals to keep you excited about the upcoming events and contents from this year’s iWeek.

Fun Fact: During our time working online, to keep my sanity I took up film photography. An amazing choice to not get anxious, I know. Luckily, a nice neighbor gave me five old cameras to mess with. 
I’m currently burning through half of my first film roll hoping it will turn out okay.

Janna Lindfors
Exhibition Coordinator
3rd year Media and Arts: Fine Arts 

I’m looking forward to see what everyone have been doing during the past year! While we have been studying at home, I have missed those casual encounters in Mediapolis and seeing what everyone is up to.

Fun Fact: I have loved miniatures and dollhouses since I was a child; all the small details, craftsmanship and creating realities. Later on, I have been expressing the same passion with photography and moving image. Now with the iWeek virtual exhibition I’m hoping to gain the same joy I had as a child of building an alternative reality with a story into a a space.

Isabelle Coelho
Music Producer
3rd year Media and Arts: Music Production

I’m looking forward to experiencing the whole diversity of talents that will be showing in this iWeek.

Fun Fact: Even though I’ve been playing for 15 years, I still don’t know the notes on the guitar.

iWeek 2021 will take place 22-26.03.2021.
Stay tuned!

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