Safely see the newest artwork in Finlyson, in the latest exhibition at Grafiikanpaja Himmelblau. KEEP IN TOUCH is here until the 17th of January 2021.

Every year, talented employees a part of Finlayson Art Area are given the opportunity by the producer, Himmelblau, to showcase their own art in a group exhibition.

This year’s group show is titled KEEP IN TOUCH. On display are paintings, art prints, photographs, drawings, installations, and sculptures by 15 artists. The exhibition includes a few of TAMK students and alumni.

Soyoung Chung

Soyoung Chung (b. 1996), is a young artist from South Korea who studies and works in Finland. Chung makes interactive and participatory performances and installations. Art is a tool for him to share stories and get one step closer to his audience.

Chung’s Home In Home is an installation series consisting of red threads, red cellophane, cotton fabric, and pillows. The work is an image of the artist’s subconscious in an abstract and minimalist way. The bed is presented as a home that the artist experiences as a second home inside her real home. In her work, the artist seeks to express the subtle sensitivity of the subconscious through a very comfortable bed.

Jasmin Gams

Jasmin Gams is a fourth year Fine Arts student at Tampere University of Applied Sciences. Being half Thai, half German and having lived in both countries, she grew up in a multi national and cultural background. She moved to Tampere, Finland in 2017 but has already spent a year prior to that in Ylöjärvi, Finland. Jasmin has a background in drawing and painting, mainly with charcoal and acrylics or oils. Her main focus however is in moving image and photography. 

‘Don’t go and play outside, you’ll get tanned’ -relative, around 2006-2009

‘You would be pretty if you’d lose some weight’ -acquaintance, around 2012

‘You can’t wear shorts your legs are too big’ -relative, around 2010

‘I hope your pimples will go away soon, nobody will want to be with you if you have pimples’ -relative, around 2012

‘Don’t wear a swimsuit that shows your stretch marks’ -acquaintance, around 2014

Distorted Self’ deals with my struggles of self love and body image, growing up. These comments have been told to me by relatives, friends and acquaintances. Some of the earliest memories of toxic beauty standards I had when I was just a little child, probably around 9 to 10 years old. One of my relatives told me not to go play outside because my skin might get tanned. That evening I remembered trying to scrub my skin in the shower to wash away the tan. In the country I grew up in, having the skin as pale as possible was the ideal, the advertisements were flooded by skin lightening products and adults would encourage children(most of the time girls) to not go out into the sun. 

I never could understand why these things were such a big deal, sometimes it even seemed like the adults were more concerned about the way that I looked rather than my achievements at school. Still these thoughts got planted in my head and I myself developed a toxic image of beauty and having ‘the ideal’ in my head, beating myself down every time i looked in the mirror. 

It took years to realise that beauty doesn’t mean that you have to fit a certain mold and learn to be happy with myself the way I am. ‘Beauty’ comes in all shapes, sizes, colors and textures. These standards are brought up to us by generations of toxic ideals, lack of representation in the media and companies that created these insecurities to women so that they can sell products to ‘solve’ them. With this work I hope to shed light on the issue and share my story. 

Misa Saraste

Introducing Misa Saraste and her artworks from Keep In Touch group exhibition. The subjects and mediums vary in Saraste’s works. Playfulness is clearly a common feature in her works. Even surrealism is present. Subjects are found in life itself but also from the artist’s imagination, which is one important reality. Saraste also works with Nina Korvenoja forming the misa.nina artist duo.

Opposites are interesting. Especially by combining a sparkle of joy and sadness creates an even surrealistic atmosphere, that gently touches both the brain and the heart. It is even easier to throw myself into play while working with Nina Korvenoja. When the co-worker is enthusiastic, playing becomes more relaxed. The self will not restrict the funnyness. Playmateness is important.


All artists of the KEEP IN TOUCH exhibition:
Antje Bendel-Ratia
Soyoung Chung
Jasmin Gams
Suvi Heusala
Zeynep Kaynar
Roni Kuulasvuo
Tiago Mazza
Teemu Mikaél
Misa Saraste
Inka Taulu
K. Tschährä
Anna Topolova
Working group Siiri Kauhanen, Laura Kuusa and Anna Pekkala.


Admission to the Keep in Touch exhibition is free.

Finlaysoninkuja 9, floor 3B, Finlayson area, Tampere

Wed-Fri 11-18
Sat-Sun 12-16

Open until January 17th 2021.

Corona restrictions: Access to the premises is limited to a maximum of 10 people at a time. Masks are compulsory. Maintain safety distances. Welcome to view art safely!

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