JUNNA’S Debut EP Combines 80s-Nostalgia-Oozing Synthwave with Folk Music

The new duo founded by Anna Haaraoja and Juha Seppänen plays folk music in an unprecedented way. 

Old folk tunes encounter Seppänen’s synth backgrounds peppered with stadium-sized drum fills.  With the violin and the kemençe Haaraoja paints the traditional Finnish scenery into the colors of synthwave – turquoise and purple. 

Folk music always takes influence from the surrounding culture – Junna lands as a modern yet nostalgic part of the ever-changing folk music continuum. 

The four-song EP, titled Folk.wav, will be released on streaming platforms on the 9th of December 2020. 

Pre-save Folk.wav on Spotify: 


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Facebook: @junnawave

Instagram: @junnawave

First single, Lempi on Spotify: 

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