Apply now for the Media and Arts Program at TAMK

Interested in studying sound design, or maybe photography or animation? TAMK offers a wide variety of studies in the Media and Arts program.

If you’re reading this then chances are that you’re interested in applying for TAMK’s Media and Arts Bachelor’s Degree. Here’s a bit of information about the program as well as some tips from Isabella Presnal, third-year student and iWeek Marketing Manager.

The Degree Programme

The Media and Arts degree program is a Bachelor’s Degree, taught fully in English, and is four-years full-time studies worth 240 credits broken down:

  • basic and professional studies (180 credits)
  • practical training (30 credits)
  • free-choice studies (15 credits)
  • Bachelor’s thesis (15 credits)

The Media and Arts program consists of three paths; Fine Art, Interactive Media, and Music Production. In your first year you will gain a broad perspective of basic skills from introduction courses and then your first study module in the spring. After the first year you can choose from any study path of the many modules or courses available. Studies at TAMK are flexible so you can customize your study plan to best suit you.

See ​the whole curriculum of the programme​ to read about all the options of studies.

The Application Process

The application opens in January (on the 7th to be exact) but the pre-tasks have already been announced. The student selection has two phases: the first phase is a compulsory pre-task, based on which the best-performing applicants are invited to phase two, an online interview.

The steps:

  1. Fill out the official online application on (open January 7th to January 20th 2021)
  2. Do the pre-task (published November 30th 2020)
  3. Portfolio
  4. Submit application (Deadline is January 20th 15:00 Finnish Time)

Some tips for the application:

  1. Do your homework.​ Do you understand the different study paths? Look at what students are currently doing and make sure TAMK is the right option for you. You can find more of what current students are doing here on the blog or @iweektamk​​ on Instagram.
  2. Read everything! Read​ the entire pre-task and application process to ensure you’ve done every step.
  3. Give yourself enough time for the pre-tasks.​ The pre-task came out on November 30th, so you have a full month before the application even opens to do the pre-tasks. Make a schedule, or a to-do list, whatever works for you so you aren’t stressing to finish it the night before the application closes.
  4. Have fun with it​. Art is creative and can be fun, so don’t stress too much about the pre-tasks.
  5. Show variety. The​ portfolio is important to show that you have tried and interested in so include different styles and mediums.
  6. Photograph your work in a good light.​ You don’t need to use a fancy camera to take photos of your work, a phone works just as well. However, make sure you have good lighting, angles, etc. Look at tutorials on YouTube if you need to.
Learn more about the programme!
Watch our students tell about Media and Arts in Jatkoon recording

You can also read more about the Media and Arts study programme.

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