Pop-up-gallerists Jemina Knuutinen and Mia Kyllönen have curated the exhibition.

From the 1st of December pop-up gallery Galleria Kyy is back at Tullintori with new group exhibition (t)here, which contains works from nine different fine art students from TAMK.

We believe that art shouldn’t be for certain audience. We believe there should be more art in public spaces and not locked into fancy galleries or museums. Art belongs to everyone so it should be available for everyone.

– Galleria Kyy

Last spring Galleria Kyy showcased works from first-year fine art students in Bits of Us, an exhibition showcasing diverse artworks from female Fine Art students.

“The first exhibition was such a good experience and co-operation with the people from Tullintori worked so well that I knew I wanted to come back with curated exhibition. So I asked could we come back with another exhibition”, Mia Kyllönen tells.

Bits Of Us

During December there’s a chance to pop into a pop-up gallery at Tullintori. This is the second exhibition in the gallery founded by two art students Jemina Knuutinen and Mia Kyllönen, who also curated the exhibition.

”When I heard from Tullintori that we are welcome to come back, I asked Jemina should we curate the exhibition and leave ourselves out of it or should we contact other artists and be part of the exhibition. Jemina was also interested in curating so we decided to leave ourselves out of the exhibition and make an open call for fine art students of TAMK”, Mia continues.

The exhibition’s theme, (t)here, brings the artists’ existential crisis and reflections of this time when we are at the same time here and there, wishing to be there but stuck in here. There’s also a pop-up art shop in the gallery.

“It has been interesting to try out a different role as a curator this time around and I feel like we have been able to create a very harmonious yet powerful exhibition. It’s something born out of the very real and up to date experiences of people, who have poured their hearts and minds into their works. The whole ensemble forms a message that speaks volumes about being a human on this planet in 2020”, Knuutinen sums up working with this exhibition.

(t)here – exhibition is open everyday and it’s located in the 1st floor of Tullintori. Free entry. Opening hours : monday-friday 11-18, saturday-sunday 11-15.

Find on Instagram: @galleriakyy

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