ASTHM’s new album coming soon!

The next album from Asthm, titled Talk, overall is alternative hip hop, inspired by old school hip hop, modern rap, trip-hop and french touch. It involves artists Brandon Emene, Nestori Kumpunen, Anna Haaraoja, Saara Hopponen, Antoine Vallée and Luiza Preda. The album will be released in early 2021, beginning with a release of a music video today!

Brandon came to the studio to record vocals on a couple of tracks, at some point I told him that I had a third one if he wanted to listen. He heard it twice and said he could try something, he went to the mic and did one take. That’s the one on the album.

The track features 8th Myth’s own lyrics and vocals, a performance that the music video aims to accentuate. Antoine Vallée and Kumpunen Nestori filmed the video.

Antoine Vallée is an old friend of mine, we have been playing music together since High school. Now that we live in different countries, he sends me drum loops he records, I process them a lot and use them in various tracks. For the album Talk, I used his loops in 4 different songs.

Talk Album Cover

In February, Asthm was playing a couple of gigs in France, during that time he gathered photos and videos, this one ended up being the album cover!

Who is Asthm?

Asthm, Vincent Masse, is a French artist based in Finland, with Nestori Kumpunen as the drummer.

After moving from France to Finland in 2013, Vincent explored various musical horizons who led to his first release under the name Asthm, in September 2018, a self-made album named “Black hole’s colour”.

Together Vincent and Nestori started Kite Records, an indie record label/production cooperative based in Tampere, Finland. They produce sound design, manage events and artists, and do music production.

Where to find Asthm?

Make sure to follow everywhere to stay up to date on the release!

Asthm Instagram:

KITE Records Instagram: @kite.records

Asthm Facebook: @asthmmusic

KITE Facebook: @KITErecords19



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