off the record by marinoitu

Today Marinoitu released “off the record”, her solo album.

The Finnish artist – songwriter has been writing songs since she was 13 years old, and now at 23, she has decided to release her audio art.

Marinoitu creates Alternative / Indie Pop music combined with a charismatic, dark, a bit raspy voice. Mixing electronic and acoustic elements together, painting a sound picture. There are enough love songs in the world, so Marinoitu’s songs are about mental health and other chaos.

Taking the term solo-artist to the next level doing everything (except mastering) on her own. All 9 songs of the album are given birth to, played, sang, recorded, edited, produced, and mixed by Mari (one exception though, the song Cliffhanger is made with a couple of other people).

Mari Nyman is not only an artist, but a producer, audio tech, and mixing engineer as well. Currently, Mari is in her second year of Music Production at TAMK.

Find the album on Spotify @marinoitu

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