Documenting the process of creating from home

In conversation with Teuta Pashnjari

Teuta Pashnjari is a second-year Fine Arts student at TAMK. She exhibited her work in iWeek’s painting exhibition. During COVID-19 lockdown Teuta worked in her new home studio, which she talks about with Luiza Preda. She explains to Isabella Presnal about how she began documenting her creative process and how it transformed into a short film. 

During Teuta Pashnjari’s second semester of her first year at TAMK, she took the Painting and Drawing minor. Here she learned new oil-painting techniques and explored the use of mixed media. “I just went to the studio one morning and decided my paintings needed something else, not just paint. Something you can touch and really feel, so I took some fabric, painted it, and added it to my painting.” She didn’t know that her studies would take a drastic change very soon… 

In March, when COVID-19 began spreading in Finland, Teuta and her classmates were told to take what they needed and create studios in their homes. “I took paints and other materials, as well as a tripod and camera. Now my home looks like an artist’s home. I feel like a real artist working in my own studio. I don’t mind working alone, as long as I have everything I need to paint and be creative, I’m good.”

Once relocating her studio home, Teuta began working on her new series Dream Sequences; three mixed media paintings. She was excited to hear that so many other artists were participating in iWeek’s online exhibitions that “motivated me to show my own work to inspire someone else.” 

During her time working from home, the sunlight streaming into her home studio inspired her to begin documenting her creative process. Using the camera and tripod, she began filming. 

I think it’s really important to document the process and then see the final result.

For three months she documented her daily moments, and different weather conditions while being isolated in her apartment. Teuta filmed herself painting, as well as her ways to relax  – taking walks, considering her work, everyday mindsets, and the atmosphere of isolation. 

The final result is an art film, Surreal Sensations, about the different phases and emotions that she went through in relation to her artistic process. The film is almost that of a self-documentary, as Teuta reflects on her time and work. 

Article written by Isabella Presnal

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